Real lions like to hunt. They love the process as much as they love the prey! Go into Lion Mode with our super comfy and powerful „Green Hunter“ outfit. The GYM STYLE design has been developed specifically for intense movement and flexibility, helping you feel free to move. The unique nylon/spandex/polyester blend wicks away sweat, allowing more breathability and offering a quick dry effect. Acting like a second skin, they also impress with their figure-shaping look underlining a sporty appearance. Be the LION! Be not the GAZELLE!


  • High Quality Standard
  • Simple but unique design
  • Quick-drying, UV-blocking
  • Smooth to the skin, yet strong and non-transparent
  • Supportive high-rise band
  • Form-flattering/fitted design
  • Strong waistband for extra support

Material //

• 250 gsm
• 73 % Polyester
• 27 % Elastan (Spandex)